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The Spring issue....

The Spring issue of Sighthound Review was mailed out earlier in April. In spite of the weather I hope everyone gets their copy soon!

As usual there is a LOT to read, and lots of beautiful ads. All the Westminster judges sent comments: Hound Group judge Jeffrey Pepper as well as breed judges Johan Becerra-Hernandez, Abbe Shaw, Pamela Bruce and Dr. John Reeve-Newson. We also have lots of ringside shots of the winners, Patience Renzulli writes about her first visit to Westminster and Caroline Coile speaks up for Sighthounds in Agility, telling the story of a Saluki who did well at the Westminster trials.

There are photos of all the Sighthound BOB winners from Crufts — Best in Show was a Whippet! — with Denise Flaim writing about the Irish Wolfhound who won the “Vulnerable Breeds” competition at the world’s biggest dog show, held in March at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. 

Sir Terence Clark writes about hunting with Galgos in Spain and Portugal, and Charles Alexander submits another set of action shots, results and comments from the 2018 Grand Course - the big event of the year in open field coursing. And do you know what “trancing” is? Caroline Coile explains …

Finally, there’s a look back at the great Whippet sire Ch. Delacreme de la Renta, with contributions from Mary Dukes, Doris Bandoian, Daniel Lockhart, Barbara & Dick Rupert, Iva Kimmelman, Bo Bengtson, William P. Shelton, Andy Linton and Kim Otero. 

If you want a copy of the Spring issue, please do so by emailing the address beloow and pay $25 within the U.S., $35 to Canada and $50 for all other countries. If you don’t already subscribe, make sure you’re on the mailing list for the NEXT issue! Subscriptions one year are $65/U.S., $75/Canada and $100/rest of the world. 

Most of the cost is for shipping. When we send a Priority Mail envelope from our office there's a fixed price regardless of weight, so we can add a 2nd magazine in the same envelope for $15 extra regardless of where it's going!


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