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The Winter Issue …

… of Sighthound Review will be mailed out in January, in good time before Westminster. If you haven't already sent in your ad by now, it's probably too late — although it never hurts to ask … We may not go to print before Christmas, because "the staff" (which is basically Theresa and I) have been prevented from spending as much time in the office as we should. Don't worry, though, the Winter issue is worth waiting for!

There will be an exceptional amount of good reading in the Winter issue. Earlier this year we interviewed Sighthound specialist judge Eugene Blake and have been busy transcribing the tapes and collecting photographs ever since. Gene has a lot to say — as of course he should, after more than 60 years of involvement in dogs, handling top winners of pretty much all the Sighthound breeds and winning the Hound Group at Westminster with the Afghan Hound Ch. Khayam's Apollo. (As far as anyone knows, Gene was the first black handler to win a Group at Westminster.) These days, of course, Gene is both a successful owner-handler of Salukis and one of America's most experienced and popular judges, most recently for the unique "Sighthound Spectacular" competition at Santa Barbara Kennel Club. We can almost promise that this interview, with many rare photographs, will be a classic.

There is also a thought-provoking article on "Dual-Purpose Judges" by Patricia Gail Burnham: Did you know that although there are several hundred AKC conformation judges for each Sighthound breed and more than 200 AKC/ASFA lure-coursing judges, less than two dozen of them combine conformation and coursing qualifications? What does that mean for our Sighthounds long term?

With the Westminster Kennel Club coming up in February, Caroline Coile has analysed past Westminster winners, going all the way back to the 1930s, with photos and a lot of interesting data. Following our plan to highlight the "rare" Sighthound breeds, there is a special feature on the Sloughi, an article on antique French Sighthound prints and show reports on the Afghan Hound, Italian Greyhound and Rhodesian Ridgeback national specialties. Denise Flaim writes about her experiences as a "new" AKC judge, Sharon Sakson reports from a Sighthound specialty show at the castle of Pompadour in France, there are coursing news, an unusually large Letters section — and as usual a grand selection of ads for the most beautiful dogs in the world …

I think you will enjoy the Winter issue a lot. Make sure that you get it by subscribing ASAP!

As always, we look forward to hearing from you.     


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