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The Fall Issue …

… of Sighthound Review has been mailed out to subscribers. You can order a single copy of the current issue for $25 as long as they last, and those back issues we still have in stock cost only $15. (U.S. only, sorry! Foreign mailing is VERY expensive — but we might be able to send you a box of 10 magazines at a competitive rate if you want to share with friends. Email for more information.)

Here's a quick look at what's in this issue:

• We are proud to present the big "Sighthound Review Trivia Quiz," compiled by Caroline Coile: 45 questions, multiple-choice answers and some interesting photos. We doubt that even the most experienced Sighthound fancier will get ALL the answers right! Afterward you can see how you scored: if you're a Sighthound Savant, won a major, took a single point — or if all awards were withheld …

• Gail Burnham continues her article series about "TRAD" (tremendous reach and drive) that's received a lot of attention. There are also some opposing views, including a long letter in the Bark Back section. 

• Patience Renzulli is back with one of her most thoughtful pieces: "A Gentle Nudge … A Little Wake-Up Call." Do we remember often enough to treasure our Sighthounds during the short years we have them?

• We have some stunning photos from the European Coursing Championships. Photographer Marc Goetstouwers and writer Bettina Fredrix sent a report from the event that was held in Slovakia and attracted 878 Sighthounds from 23 countries. (ASFA and NOFCA, we want to hear from you, too — Sighthound Review is happy to devote space to U.S. field activities as well!)

• A renewed interest in World Congresses has resulted in several breeds either just having had one or planning one. SR Editor-at-Large Denise Flaim reports from the recent Rhodesian Ridgeback congress in Sweden and informs of other past and upcoming Sighthound events.

• Richard Souza doesn't mince words in his comments from judging the Afghan Hound Association's championship show in the U.K. There is a colorful story of Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholaevitch hunting wolf with Borzoi in Russia before the revolution. Brian Duggan punctures a couple of old myths about famous American and British breeders with desert-bred Salukis. A number of successful British Whippet breeders respond to Sighthound Review's questions.

• The breed-specific articles are meant to be read by EVERYONE! Trust me, even if your primary interest lies in another breed, you will learn a lot from the above. That is also the case with our Breeder's Forum concerning one of the "new" (to AKC) Sighthound breeds: Jane Moore of the famous Hadranensis Cirnechi dell'Etna in Italy. She sent some wonderful photos of the little dogs hunting on Mount Etna!

• There's a report from the unique "Sighthound Spectacular" competition at Santa Barbara Kennel Club in California, with photos from this glamorous event. Other show coverage includes the Western Washington Hound Association and the Western Sighthound Combined Specialties, whose future is uncertain right now. There's an update by WSCS President Cathy Chapman and reports from the Irish Wolfhound, Greyhound, Borzoi and Scottish Deerhound specialties held there. We also have the Saluki Club of America national specialty coverage, with comments from the judge and a lot of interesting historical trivia about past shows.

• Our "World in Review" section this time contains text and photos from the big Sighthound events in Germany (Donaueschingen), Strömsholm (Sweden) and England: the Greyhound Club's anniversary show and the Hound Association show with 2,000 dogs.  

• Finally, of course, as mentioned above, there's the "Bark Back" section with letters from our readers. Remember, whatever you send to Sighthound Review may end up in print – unless you specifically ask us not to print your letter, of course.

There's more, but some articles for the Fall issue had to be saved for the Winter issue. The more ads we have, the more articles we can print, so we really appreciate all the beautiful ads. If you are like most Sighthound lovers, when the magazine arrives you stop everything and spend the next several hours — or days! — just reveling in all the glorious Sighthounds and interesting articles …

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