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The Winter Issue

The response from subscribers about the Winter Issue has again been phenomenal. Several have told us that when the magazine arrives "everything stops" until every page has been devoured, every ad studied and every article read … and many say that this is the only magazine they read that way! It never fails to impress me that the traditional pleasure of picking up a glossy print publication and sitting down to leaf through it, page by page, remains so strong even today. Many of us get get most of our news and information via the Internet, but that obviously doesn't prevent anyone from enjoying a print publication like Sighthound Review

We try to make each issue both beautiful to look at — a coffee-table publication that you are proud to keep out for visitors and friends to browse through — and seriously stimulating to read: enjoyable AND informative. 

If you don't subscribe already, you can get a sample copy of the current issue for $25 (including Priority Mail postage) as long as they last. (Sorry, within the U.S. only; foreign rates below.) 

There is a lot of seriously good reading in this issue. Our in-depth interview with Sighthound specialist judge and owner-handler Eugene Blake shows every sign of becoming an instant classic: Eleven pages of solid reading and some unique photographs from the distant and recent past of Gene's long involvement as a professional handler and judge. There is a thought-provoking article on "Dual-Purpose Judges" by Patricia Gail Burnham: Did you know that with several hundred AKC conformation judges for each Sighthound breed, and more than 200 AKC/ASFA lure-coursing judges, there are still fewer than two dozen judges who combine conformation and coursing qualifications? How will that affect our Sighthounds in the long term? 

We managed to get photos of ALL the Best of Breed-winning Sighthounds at the AKC National Championship in Florida in December — the largest AKC show in many years. Caroline Coile analyzed records of past Westminster winners, with photos and data going back to the 1930s up through 1980. (Part 2 in the Spring issue will take us up to this year's show.) Denise Flaim writes about becoming an AKC judge: a "report from the ranks of the clipboard clutchers." Sharon Sakson visited a Sighthound show at the castle of Pompadour in France; we also have photos and results from the EuroSighthound show in Belgium, and coursing news from the Turkey Run in California.

Following our commitment to highlight the "rare" Sighthound breeds, there is an in-depth article on the Sloughi with more than 20 illustrations, and the author — Dominique Crapon de Caprona — also writes about collecting antique French Sighthound prints. There are reports from the national specialties for Afghan Hounds, Italian Greyhounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, an unusually large Letters section — including Scot Northern's vivid reaction to the "ridiculously difficult" Sighthound Quiz in the Fall issue … — and as usual a grand selection of lavish ads for the most beautiful dogs in the world … 

I think you will enjoy this Winter issue. If you subscribe NOW we'll send it to you via Priority Mail as part of your subscription ($65 within the U.S. only).Next deadline is FEBRUARY 15 for the Spring issue. Contact Theresa at or me at ASAP for space reservation, special positions, covers, etc.

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Finally, a magazine devoted solely to Sighthounds that's not just beautiful to look at, but filled with must-read articles and commentary from breed experts the world over!

Since its inception in 1984, SIGHTHOUND REVIEW has been known for its insightful stories, gorgeous layouts and influential commentary. And now, the most respected name in Sighthound magazines is back, with founder Bo Bengtson as editor-in-chief.

Our ad rates are unbelievably affordable ($250 for full-color ... before discounts). Our editorial content is better than ever -- engrossing features that will get judges and subscribers reading and reacting.

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