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Photo: Jessica Bolander
The Spring Issue


Does the cover photograph of Sighthound Review's Spring 2017 issue look familiar to you? If it does, you have a better memory or are a lot more familiar with old dog magazines than most: the same photo was on the cover of Sighthound Review back in 1995!
We wanted newer fanciers to have the opportunity to see this iconic photograph of two Whippet males, father and son, both of whom had won the American Whippet Club National Specialty. On the left is NSBIS Ch. Merci Isle Burncoat Babylon (“Kestrel") and on the right is his sire NSBIS Ch. Merci Isle Meridian, ROMX (“Zoom”). Zoom won the 1993 American Whippet Club National under Mrs. Lorraine Groshans and Kestrel won the AWC National two years later under Dr. John Shelton.
Iva Kimmelman of the Merci Isle Whippets writes: "We decided to splurge and support our favorite publication, owned by longtime friends Bo Bengtson and Paul Lepiane — and the rest is history.
"This photo is an example of when patience can win out and was in fact quite the accident. These Whippets knew each other from a distance but were not that 'into each other,' and I was having a difficult time with the photographer getting them to do what we wanted. They refused to stand still, or next to each other, kept turning around, refused to sit or lie down.
"At the last moment, when the photographer was about to give up completely, Kestrel and Zoom growled at each other and I growled back with a loud 'No!' and they both relaxed into this pose. This is how they landed all on their own, in resignation!"
The current Merci Isle coursing stars are all related to Zoom through a continued line that's been unbroken for 20 years and can be further researched at Cover photo by Samuelson Studio.


… and at least here in California it's green as never before, thanks to all the rain we've had this year. The dogs love playing in the grass, and we all enjoy it while it lasts: soon enough all will be dry and hot around here. The rest of the country is warming up as well, and we are very happy with the Spring issue of Sighthound Review that rolled off the presses in the first part of April.

Once again it's an issue we think nobody who's interested in Sighthounds will want to miss. We're grateful to the many contributors around the U.S. and abroad who provide well-written, unique articles and beautiful photos of their Sighthounds for the ads. Here's a sample of what's to read:

Patience Renzulli is back with reflections on her "Very Old Dog" and Patricia Gail Burnham writes about allergies in dogs and humans — and how to deal with them. Gretchen Bernardi tells the story of how one of America's most unique dog shows, commonly known as Locust Grove, celebrated its last event this spring. Although this is technically a specialty affair for Irish Wolfhounds, EVERYONE who's interested in dog shows should read it. We're reprinting an article about "Choosing A Stud Dog" by the late Isabell Stoffers, who originally wrote it for Sighthound Review in 1985 — what she had to say then is as readable today as it was 22 years ago.

Our editor-at-Large, Denise Flaim, made a first-time visit to Crufts in England and found it fascinating, as her "Blissed Out in Birmingham" article recounts. We were fortunate to get permission to reprint photographs of ALL the BOB winning Sighthounds from The Kennel Club (UK). As an introduction for readers to foreign show reports — which are a big feature in Sighthound Review — I wrote a little about them and titled the article "A Different World: Dog Shows Abroad."

Denise also wrote an introduction to Westminster, our most famous American show, so different from Crufts in many ways but such a great event in its own right. Once again we were fortunate to get photos of all the BOB Sighthounds at Westminster from Kayla Bertagnolli. And as if covering this year's Westminster wasn't enough, we also have Part 2 of Caroline Coile's in-depth feature article about past Sighthounds that won at Westminster. Originally we planned for this to be a once-off article, but the handlers, the owners and the judges are recounting so many interesting memories that we need to print the most recent years as Part 3 in the Summer issue.

In the Spring issue we have not one but two fascinating articles from the "open field" — which means this is about "real" coursing with Sighthounds after live game. This is what our dogs were originally bred to do, and Helge Kronsteiner's article and photos serve well as an Open Field Primer: Helge was visiting from Austria and although she's experienced in coursing in Europe this was all new to her. We're also pleased to once again be able to publish a report and photographs from the Grand Course by Charles Alexander. As he says, this is "open field coursing's Westminster," the most important event of the year for the best open field Sighthounds … and we defy you not to feel inspired by Charles' writing and photographs. How about getting out there and experiencing it for yourself? Just bring a good pair of boots and be prepared to walk a LOT!

More overseas news: There's my report from a week in Australia this spring. Judging Afghan Hounds, Whippets and Irish Wolfhounds, talking Sighthounds, seeing lots of Sighthounds even when I wasn't judging … I had a great time and as a lone, non-Sighthound experience was also able to see a lot of the native Dingo, since I stayed (together with judge Ramon Podesta from Chile) at Lyn Watson's place. I remember Lyn as a famous breeder of Afghan Hound and later also Italian Greyhounds, and she had one of the most beautiful Greyhounds I've ever seen (an English bitch named Ch. Solstrand Diamond Lil), but these days Lyn has only one Sighthound, a BIS-winning Scottish Deerhound, and mostly focuses her energies as director of the Dingo Sanctuary and Research Center.

There are also a few pages of photographs from the Sighthound Review archives. We are lucky enough to have a filing cabinet full of thousands of photographs, some as old as from the first half of the 1900s and some more contemporary, and once in a while we select a few of them to present to our readers.

Then there's the Letters section, where we hear back from our readers. One breeder writes about the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno — Sighthound or not? — which once again brought up the old question of what, exactly, is a Sighthound? That's also the subject for my Opening Space editorial in this Spring issue.


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