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There's so much to read in this issue. Denise Flaim's article about "The AKC Judges-Approval Process" has the subtitle "There's No Approval Like Self-Approval" and should be required reading for anyone who ever complained about a dog show judge. Gail Burnham's treatise on Sighthound movement ("Why a Fast Trot Equals a Slow Gallop") will no doubt be requested for reprints, just like those in the past. Patience Renzulli explains why our breeds can make such good Therapy Dogs, especially for children, while Pat Murkland writes about Sighthound veterans, listing some who outclassed younger dogs in the show ring.

Allan Reznik reports from the World Congress for Afghan Hounds. Caroline Coile presents fascinating information about the "Country of Origin" imports in breeds where it's still possible to bring in a dog straight from the desert (e.g. Salukis) or jungle (Basenjis) — with the possibility, after some complicated maneuvers, to incorporate that dog into the breed's gene pool. There's also Part II of "The Owner-Handlers Speak Out," with Karen Cartabona (Majenkir Borzois), Kerri Kuper (Karasar Whippets), Prudence Hlatky (Soyara Borzois) and Conchetta Jez (Nashira Rhodesian Ridgebacks) sharing their experiences.

Gretchen Bernardi reports from a fascinating show for 250 Irish Wolfhounds that she judged in Germany, complete with castle, medieval outfits and draft horses. Harold Tatro writes about his judging visit to Sweden, Anna Szabo sends photos and news from the anniversary show of the Sighthound club in Norway, and I compiled some impressions from the Whippet Club championship show in England that had 339 dogs entered. (My ring steward took photos of all the class placements, and we're printing a dozen or so of them.)

There's also the Hound Classic show report and national specialty reports for Borzois, Whippets, Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds that offer fascinating reading for anyone who's interested in dog shows, regardless of breed. By now, everyone knows who won what at these shows, so it's not the news value we're emphasizing so much as the fact that experienced specialists are worth listening to when they write about their breeds. We're grateful to Dr. Ron Spritzer, Jon Reimer, Thomas Powers, Jill Bregy, Dr. Barbara Henderson, Jean Balint, Grahm Miller, William Shelton and Alistair Sutherland for sharing their impressions with Sighthound Review's readers.

Speaking of judges: We were told that AKC judges get so many free publications in the mail that they don't have time to read them … so we wrote to a few hundred judges who receive Sighthound Review on a complimentary basis to find if that's true. Well, there's no question they read at least this magazine: We got more comments to the tune of "Sighthound Review is the ONLY dog magazine I read!" than we could print … You may be almost as impressed as we were to find how many Sighthound judges really want to learn about these breeds … and that they choose to do so by reading Sighthound Review very carefully.

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