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The Fall issue of Sighthound Review ...


… was mailed out on October 12 — a few days later than usual due to traveling, dog shows, etc. It’s worth waiting for, however: in addition to many beautiful ads, there’s lots of great reading: One of the articles we are most proud of is the in-depth “Sobers Story,” where the world’s perhaps most celebrated Sighthound breeder looks back on the kennel's 60 years with Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds and now Whippets as well. Bitte Ahrens-Primavera shares some unique photographs of the early Sobers dogs, bred by her grandmother in Sweden …


The article “Creating Today’s Whippet” highlights a trio of stud dogs that appear hundreds, maybe thousands, of times in most modern American Whippet pedigrees: the English import Ch. Greenbrae Barn Dance, his son (and grandson!) Ch. Morshor's Whirlaway and Whirlaway's half-brother (and great-grandson) Ch. Misty Moor's Chalmondoley, the first stud dog of any Sighthound breed to sire more than 100 AKC champions in the 1980s. The feature includes comments from breeders and judges who knew these dogs well.


A report from lure coursing in Europe indicates that nearly 1,000 Sighthounds competed at the 2017 championships, including 50 Galgos, 37 Sloughis, 27 Magyar Agars, 24 Azawakh and 14 Chart Polski — breeds that most American are not very familiar with. (And of course there were hundreds of competitors among the more well-known breeds as well.) We've got some great action shots!


British judge Kathy Webb reports from her assignment at the Saluki Club of America national specialty, and we even manage to get a few other specialty reports as well … for Whippets, Italian Greyhounds and Pharaoh Hounds. 


Patience Renzulli contributes a thoughtful article, asking the "big breeders" how many puppies are too many. Caroline Coile looks at how the parent clubs deal with their officially recognized AKC breed standards — you may be surprised by what she finds. Sally Stasytis reports from the International Borzoi Conference in the U.K. (which also celebrated the British club's 125th anniversary!), while Nancy Lovelady writes on “The Sloughi and the American Kennel Club.” 


You may have noticed that there are several contributions from abroad. Perhaps we should have called this the International issue? There are also reports and pictures from several big Sighthound shows overseas: “Skokloster” in Sweden (which is actually held at Strömsholm Castle these days), the FCI Central European Sighthound show in Slovakia, and the Donaueschingen “Sighthound Festival” in Germany.


As usual, there's a letters section and scores of beautiful and informative ads from top Sighthounds in the U.S. and overseas. There's a beautiful cover of the BIS Whippet Am. Can. GCh. Bretica Brushwood Smokinaffair with a fascinating cover story by Mary Norato Indeglia. And as usual the back-cover story from the Wildisle Irish Wolfhounds is well worth reading!

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