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Sighthound Review was started by Bo Bengtson in 1984. It was an immediate success, both in the U.S. and overseas, and an early winner of the Dog Writers’ Association of America award for best magazine of its kind. It is devoted to the Sighthound breeds, the most beautiful of all dogs. Just which breeds belong to the Sighthound group is much discussed, however: Sighthound Review includes the traditional breeds most commonly seen at dog shows and field events — Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets — and some Sighthound relatives (Basenjis, Cirnechi dell’Etna, Ibizan Hounds, Pharaoh Hounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and two Sighthounds that are new to AKC shows — Azawakhs and Sloughis — as well as several that are rare even in their native countries, plus of course the classic “miniature Sighthound,” the Italian Greyhound.
Over the years, Sighthound Review has gone through different ownerships, with Bo mostly involved part-time due to other commitments. In 2010 it was restored to its former glory under in the ownership of Denise Flaim and Theresa M. Lyons, from whom Bo bought it back in early 2014. Denise agreed to stay on as Editor-at-Large and Theresa as Art Director. We are also pleased that Maile Soon, whose graphic skills has added much to the print magazine in recent years, will continue to design ads. And, as before, Jayn Walter (whose husband, Chris Cantú, also helps with the magazine) works part-time in the office and manages the digital site.
To say that Sighthound Review is a modern classic is no exaggeration; it has since won the Dog Writers’ Association of America awards for best magazine of its kind and for best article. In 2019 it was decided it was time for Sighthound Review to become a digital publication.
BO BENGTSON, Editor & Publisher
Bo has been involved in Sighthounds since his early years in Sweden, mostly in Whippets but earlier also in Afghan Hounds and Greyhounds)and as a judge. Since 1980 he has lived in California with his partner Paul Lepiane and usually three or four Whippets.  
Approved by AKC and FCI to judge other breeds, it’s as a Sighthound specialist that Bo is primarily known. He has judged at Westminster, Crufts and the FCI World Show but especially enjoys judging specialty shows, and has judged Sighthounds in at least 20 countries, including many national specialties. At the first Sighthound Association championship show in Australia in 1993, Bo judged all breeds, more than 500 dogs over three days. He has also judged BIS at the Sighthound shows at Skokloster (Sweden), Donaueschingen (Germany), Padenghe (Italy), Grafenegg (Austria), Pompadour (France) and others. In 2016 he judged Best in Show at the Hound Association championship in U.K., the world’s largest of its kind with more than 2,000 dogs. Because of his publishing involvement he does not currently judge AKC shows.
The author of several books about dogs, Bo wrote a Whippet encyclopedia that has been published in three editions in Great Britain and the U.S., most recently in 2010 as "The Whippet — An Authoritative Look at the Breed’s Past, Present and Future." He also wrote the 656-page Best in Show — The World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows (2008), which includes 746 illustrations. Both won DWAA Best Book awards.
PAUL LEPIANE, Technical Advisor
Paul has been attending dog shows since 1966 and started showing Collies and Doberman Pinschers in 1969. After a time working for professional handlers, which included showing the BOB winner at the 1973 National Specialty of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S., Paul started working for National Dog and The Doberman Quarterly magazines. In 1974 he started the award-winning The Afghan Hound Review, followed by Poodle Variety in 1977. He was involved in the launch and management of both Sighthound Review in 1984 and Dogs in Review in 1997. He has been production manager for all the magazines, as well as editor of Poodle Variety for 42 years until its recent sale and Paul's retirement.
Over the years Paul has handled many Whippets and won several Specialty BIS. Two of these Whippets were shown more extensively, each finishing the year high in the national rankings with wins such as Best in Show at Santa Barbara KC in 2005 and BOS at the AWC National Specialty in 2011.
DENISE FLAIM, Editor-at-Large
Denise is a professional journalist who is lucky enough to write about the thing she loves – dogs!
Denise was a long-time staff writer and columnist at the Pulitzer-winning Long Island newspaper Newsday before she left in 2009 to co-publish three dog magazines: The Ridgeback Register, Sighthound Review and Modern Molosser. Intrigued by the possibilities of digital publishing, she eventually shuttered the print versions of her magazines, and in early 2015 launched her own book-publishing company, Revodana Publishing, which focuses on fine dog books.
A member of the World Dog Press Association, Denise is a contributing writer for Dog News magazine. Denise is the recipient two coveted Front Page awards from the Newswomen’s Club of New York for her 2005 Newsday story on ownership disputes over rescued Katrina dogs and her 2006 “Animal House” blogs on the search for Vivi, the missing Westminster Whippet.
An AKC judge licensed to judge a number of Hound and Working breeds, including most of the AKC-recognized Sighthounds, Denise breeds and shows Ridgebacks under the Revodana prefix.
THERESA M. LYONS, Art Director & Senior Designer
Theresa M. Lyons is a professional graphic artist and talented dog photographer. She founded the award-winning Ridgeback Register magazine in 1995 and made it synonymous with eye-catching design, stunning photography and quality journalism. She published her final issue in 2018. 
Theresa has been involved in the sport of dogs since 1990 and has bred, owned, co-owned, shown and championed multiple Ridgebacks, as well as co-owned multiple Top Ten, Westminster and Best in National Specialty Show winners. She also competes in conformation, coursing, dock diving, agility, rally and nosework. She has judged multiple Sweepstakes in the U.S., including regional specialties.
A proud third generation U.S. Marine, Theresa is a member of many organizations, including the Western Hound Association of Southern California, Princeton Dog Training Club, Plainfield Kennel Club and the American Pointer Club, and is a member and current Board Director for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.
Theresa lives in Bridgewater, N.J., with her husband, three children, a Ridgeback, a Pointer and a French Bulldog.
JAYN WALTER, Office Manager & Digital Site Specialist
Jayn has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than ten years and holds a Masters degree in Non-Profit Management. She is originally from Houston, Texas. Jayn and her husband Chris purchased Eleanor, their first Whippet, in 2016.
Shortly after moving to Ojai, California, Jayn met Bo Bengtson by accident. Bo introduced her to Sighthound Review, and she began assisting him in the office a few hours a week. Jayn’s knowledge of Sighthounds has grown tremendously under Bo’s mentorship, and she provides a unique perspective as a Sighthound pet owner. In 2017, Jayn and Chris brought home their second Whippet, Raf.
Jayn works full-time as a case manager at a social services agency in Ojai. A semi-retired long-distance runner, she takes the Whippets jogging with her whenever time allows. Jayn loves dog sports and looks forward to taking Eleanor and Raf to a Fast CAT trial in the future. 

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