Echo of Aerie (GCh. Riverlawn Exit of Aerie x Ch. June of Aerie), just starting her show career, "demonstrating the strength in her easy and active movement that we strive for in our breeding program." Photo Mindy Levin.

Breeders Forum: Aerie Irish Wolfhounds, Doug Marx and Amy Benjamin

       Q: How did you start in dogs? When and how did you found your current breeding program? Briefly outline the important breeding decisions you made and identify the most successful dogs you have bred. 

Borzoi running in the snow. From Illustrated Outdoor News, 1906.

The Hunt At Perchino

It is difficult to imagine a grander scenario. The young American had travelled in a heavy, horse-drawn troika for many hours through forests and open plain on the dusty trails across Russia’s still almost medieval countryside. Finally, his heavy carriage arrives at the gates of Perchino, the ancestral hunting manor of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaievich, uncle to the ruling czar of all of Russia and commander of what was at the time considered one of the world’s greatest armies.

Sura Forever Spring, Best of Winners under JoAnne Buehler at the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Phoenix in 2018, now a Champion. Photo Bob Kohler.

An AKC Sighthound Judge's Profile: JoAnne M. Buehler

Sighthound Review wants to provide more information about the Sighthound specialist judges. We know that many of them have a long and distinguished background in Sighthounds, and we want our readers to learn more about them, too. Following are some questions we asked …

Cheslie Pickett-Smithey and Justin Smithey with Bourbon.

Whippet Reserve Best In Show at Westminster

        The Whippet GCh. Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon, one of last year's top show dogs in the U.S., won Reserve Best in Show at the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday, February 11, in Madison Square Garden, New York. It was the breed's highest award at Westminster since 1964. Bourbon was handled by Cheslie Pickett-Smithey, who also co-owns Bourbon with her husband Justin A Smithey, Dr. Ken Latimer, Judy Descutner and Nancy Shaw.

Azawakh Days in France: Judging the Club Du Lévrier Azawakh specialty at Laferté-sur-Amance

Facebook. Message from Dr. Frédéric Maison, an accomplished veterinarian from Amiens, France, who occupies a position with the Société Centrale Canine (Central Canine Organization, the French Kennel Club), a friend I have known for nearly 30 years, who has had tremendous success with his Du Grand Chien de Culann Irish Wolfhound kennel. Fred is at Crufts with a colleague, Dr. Sophie Debricon, also an accomplished veterinarian in her own right as well as an Azawakh/Borzoi breeder/enthusiast.

Karen Staudt-Cartabona, right, with BOB at Westminster 2019, GCh. Majenkir Bookstor Spellbinder, handler Justine Spiers and judge Jamie Hubbard. Photo JC.

Sighthounds at the "Show Dogs of the Year" Awards Dinner

     The annual Show Dogs of the Year Awards banquet, sponsored by Purina ProPlan in partnership with Dog News Magazine, was held at Gotham Hall in New York City on the evening of February 8, 2020 — the day before the start of Westminster Kennel Club's 144th annual dog show.


Eng. Am. Ch. Courtenay Fleetfoot of Pennyworth, 29 BIS 1963-1964. Photo Burwell.

All-Time Whippet Records

In early February this year breed history was made when the red-fawn-and-white Whippet bitch Bourbon, one of the country's most successful show dogs last year, won her 73rd all-breed Best in Show in Atlanta, Georgia, and thereby set a new record for Whippets in the U.S.

Photo by Jessica Bolander

Survival of the Prettiest?

When people ask me how to judge my breed — and they do — my advice is NOT to look for the prettiest dog in the ring. That gets them every time: "What, not put up the prettiest dog? Isn't that what dog shows are for?"

No, not necessarily, at least not if you agree that dog shows should be more than a superficial exercise is who's the cutest, who is the flashiest, whom does the novice spectator's eye go to firsst? If that is what you think dog shows should be — and there are lots of people who obviously do — then read no further; you will find your views amply supported by many judges coming soon to a local dog show near you.


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