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Best-in-Show judge at Donaueschingen, Gabriel Valdez from Colombia. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.
Best-in-Show judge at Donaueschingen, Gabriel Valdez from Colombia. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.

Show News

News and results from major Sighthound events in the U.S. and abroad.

Morris & Essex 2020 Judges Announced

     The legendary Morris & Essex Kennel Club has announced the judges for its 2020 show. Started by Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge in the 1920s and then held annually at her vast Giralda estate in New Jersey, it was recognized as the largest summer show in America, some years in the world. The original show was cancelled in 1958 but restarted by Wayne Ferguson in 2000. The show is now held once every five years, with the entry capped at 4,455 dogs — exactly one dog less than the record set by Mrs. Dodge at her biggest show, in 1939.

     The 2020 show will be held on October 1st in Colonial Park, Somerset, New Jersey. This is the Thursday of a big show weekend that culiminates in the famous all-Terrier Montgomery County KC show.

     Best in Show will be judged by Desmond J. Murphy, Jr., who has a Sighthound connection in that he grew up as a child at the great Mardormere kennels of Greyhounds and Whippets. Mr. Murphy is approved by AKC to judge the Sporting Group, Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Greyhounds and Whippets in the Hound Group, several Working breeds, the Terrier and Toy Groups, several breeds in the Non-Sporting and Herding Groups, and BIS. He was approved by AKC to judge his first breed, Greyhounds, prior to 1980.

     The Hound Group judge Michael J. Doughery also has a Sighthound connection: as a professional handler he showed Whippets in the 1970s and '80s, winning BIS with both Ch. Runner's Our Own Charisma and her son Ch. Runner's He's The Continental. He was approved for his first breed, Whippets, in 1987. Mr. Dougherty judged BIS at Westminster KC in 2013.     

     Breed judges: Afghan Hound - David Frei. Azawakh - Denise Flaim. Basenji - Patricia Trotter. Borzoi - Dr. John Reeve-Newson, Canada. Cirneco dell'Etna - Robert Stein. Greyhound - Dr. John Reeve-Newson, Canada. Ibizan Hound - Robert Stein. Irish Wolfhound - Tom Powers. Pharaoh Hound - Patricia Trotter. Portuguese Podengo Pequeno - Helen Stein. Rhodesian Ridgeback - Denise Flaim. Saluki - Gayle Bontecou. Scottish Deerhound - Espen Engh, Norway. Sloughi - Gayle Bontecou. Whippet - Espen Engh, Norway.

     Italian Greyhounds will be judged by Elaine Lessig. The Toy Group will be judged by Elizabety Sweigart, and the Miscellaneous Class by Michael Canalizo.

     The Basenji Club of America will consider the classes at Morris & Essex as their specialty show. The following breed clubs hold supported entries: Afghan Hound Club of Northern New Jersey, American Azawakh Association, Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley, Greyhound Club of America, Irish Wolfhound Association of the Garden State, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of America, Garden State Saluki Club, Mid-Atlantic Deerhound Association and Scottish Deerhound Club of America, and the American Whippet Club.

     For more information go to: http://www.morrisandessexkennelclub.org/index.html


A Saluki is in the lead among all breeds in the American Kennel Club National Owner-Handler Series ranking, presented in the Sept. 6, 2019, issue of Dog News Magazine. The Saluki GCh. Baha Pyramid Scheme, BN, JC, NAJ, BCAT, GCC, TKA, is currently in the lead with 3,820 points, almost 600 points ahead of a Puli in 2nd place, a Miniature Pinscher in 3rd and a Belgian Tervuren in 4th. Ponzi, as the Saluki is called, is owned, bred and handled by Sighthound Review contributor Caroline Coile.

In 7th place is another Sighthound, the Scottish Deerhound GCh. Hobarra's I Dreamed A Dream, co-owned by Shawnine Hogan-Cirincione, Anthony Cirincione and Terry Rizzitiello. The Basenji GCh. Relic's Big Bang Theory of Dagoba, owned by Kimberly Brown and Dianna Sanders, is in 13th place. Three other Basenjis are also among the Top 100: GCh. Astarte's Sir Tristan With Pips at Kazor (#33), GCh. Mata Hauri Cinnabon, FDC, CA, DCAT, RATO (#48), and GCh. Laurel Frankly Speaking Let Me Be Frank (#89).

Completing the list are the Rhodesian Ridgebacks GCh. Luvakis Shirley's Legen-WaitForIt Daryl Legendary!, RN, FDC, , JC, THDN, CGCA, CGCU, TKN (#23), GCh. Lionlamb's Dark Horse, CA (#39), and GCh. Courage's Alexander The Great of CJs Ranch, SC (#73); the Whippet GCh. Harmony's N Sportingfields Kiss And Tell (#59); and the Borzoi GCh. Soyara's Devilish Delila (##72).

The leaders in the different Sighthound breeds, when not listed above, are: Afghan Hound GCh. Sura Fabelhaft Fifth Avenue, CA; Azawakh Eidi N'manar Iteje, CM; Cirneco dell'Etna GCh. Valencia's Astral Angel, PI, SC, BCAT; Greyhound GCh. GrandCru Alexana; Ibizan Hound GCh. Nevaeh's L-Wynd's Blowing In The Wynd; Irish Wolfhound GCh. Wildisle Brie Good Golly Ms Molly; Italian Greyhound GCh. Alura Warwick Thunder Down Under for Clovelly; Pharaoh Hound GCh. Siphra's Bohemian Rhapsody, JC; and Sloughi GCh. Ocerico Elamira.

The winner will be determined at the AKC National Championship  in Orlando, Florida, on December 13 and 14, 2019.


USA, Utah

September 11, 2019: Italian Greyhound Club of America National specialty, Fartmington, Utah. Judge Eugene Blake. BOB GCh. Ferazi GDM Titania at Jaros, owners Jutta Kulic & James Steele, Jr. 

USA, Colorado

September 6, 2019: Pharaoh Hound Club of America specialty, Greelen, Colorado. Judge Randy Garren. BOB Reedly Road Reign Supreme at Hallam. Owners Dominic Carota & Dr. Stephen Sipperly. Breeder Maria Evteeva, Russia. Handler Stacy Threlfall.

USA, California

August 25, 2019: Santa Barbara Kennel Club, "Sighthound Spectacular," 7th annual unofficial competition for Sighthounds only. Judge Susan Sprung.

The Sighthound Spectacular winner, Saluki GCh. Aurora’s Rhythm of My Heart, with owner, breeder and handler Julie Mueller, judge Susan Sprung (with ribbon), SBKC President Abbe Shaw and stewards Jamie Hubbard (left) and Douglas Johnson (right). Photo Holloway.


1st place - Saluki GCh. Aurora's Rhythm Of My Heart, b. Apr 16, 2015. Breeders owners. By Ch. Aurora's The Song and Dance Man - Ch. Aurora's What's Love Got To Do With It. Owners: Julie L. Mueller & Eugene Blake. Dog.

2nd place - Borzoi (Ch.) Belisarius JP Wild Rumpus, b. February 22, 2016. Breeder: Kyoko Ozeki. By GCh. Jubilee Tadbit O'Brindle Mist - Ch. Belisaris JP Amazing Grace. Owner Toshie Ohya. Bitch.

3rd place - Greyhound Rubicon's Belle Meade At Solstice, b. Apr 3, 2018. Breeder: Pamela Rubinstein & Susan Cassem. By  Ch. Rubicon's Pandemonium - Salgrey's Fan. Owners: Nancy Soyster & Pamela  Rubinstein & Melanie Hidinger. Bitch.

4th place - Basenji Ch. Jasiri-Sukari High As A Kite, b. Dec 15, 2017. Breeder: Julie & Kathy Jones. By GCh. Borassur 51's Comeback Kid - Dual Ch. & GChS Jasiri-Sukari High Win Warning SC. Owners: Laurie & Greg LaRock & Julie & Kathy Jones. Bitch.

Award of Merit - Borzoi Ch. Majenkir Bookstor Arctos, b. May 12, 2016. Breeders owners. By Ch. Majenkir Bookstor Fyodor Fine Art - Jantar Majenkir Fearless Lass. Owner: Karen Staudt-Cartabona & Karen R. Spey & Dr. Howard Spey. Agent: Stuart McGraw. Dog.

Award of Merit - Rhodesian Ridgeback Lyonnese Iron Legacy, b. Jun 15, 2018. Breeders: Deborah Holly & Maureen Tauber. By Ch. Kimani's Blue Chip Image, JC- GCh. Kimani's Set in Gold. Owner: Channe Cole & Maureen Tauber  & Deborah Holly. Agent: Erin Karst. Dog.

Award of Merit  - Whippet Lishima's Tickled Pink, b. June 27, 2018. Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Bohem Just In Time - GCh. Lishima's Tickle My Fancy. Owner: Sherry Hamilton. Bitch.

Award of Merit - Irish Wolfhound GChB Mendes Marvella, b. June 18, 2015 Breeder: Owner. By Ch. Mascotts My Santana - GCh. Mendes Absolut Elegance of Eagle. Owners: Laurie Mendiones & Linda Souza. Bitch.



Photo credit:  Julie Mueller            


USA, Connecticut

August 22, 2019: Saluki Club of America Eastern Regional specialty. Judge Elizabeth Guthrie, Australia. BOB GCh. Aziz Reatha Alilhan. Owner Jennifer Rimerman. Breeder Stina Jalkanen, Finland. Handler Mike Reed.

SWEDEN, Strömsholm

July 28, 2019: "Skokloster", July 28, 2019, Svenska Vinthundklubben/Swedish Sighthound Club. Total 574 Sighthounds. 

BIS Strömsholm, Borzoi Ch. Jelistaz Yummie, BIS-2 Irish Wolfhound Pennybright Casca, BIS-3 Afghan Hound Ch. Xenos Sandor, BIS-4 Saluki Ch. Sharwassim Chawki. Judge (with ribbons) was Michael Canalizo, USA. Photo Louise Käck.



Best Baby Puppy in Show, Saluki Lags Latifha Lanesha. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Progeny Group, Whippet Ch. Twyborn Big Ben. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Breeder's Group, Kennel Vaskurs Pharaoh Hounds, bred by Jenny Hall. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Working Dog, Saluki Ch. Sharwassim Chawki. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Junior, Scottish Deerhound Lawtons Ferrari Freixnet. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Young Adult, Pharaoh Hound Vaskurs Varenne Qiwison. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Puppy, Borzoi Undimoon Delilah. Photo Louise Käck.


Best Veteran, Afghan Hound Ch. Simbad Ebn Rashida von Haussman. Photo Louise Käck.



Best in Show, judge Michael Canalizo, 1. Borzoi Ch. Jelistaz Yummie, 2. Irish Wolfhound Pennybright Casca, 3. Afghan Hound Ch. Xenos Sandor. 4. Saluki Ch. Sharwassim Chawki.

BIS Baby Puppy, 1. Saluki Lags Latifha Lanesha, 2. Italian Greyhound Alchemista's Donna Regina, 3. Whippeet Triodames Brexit, 4. Borzoi Borzowski's X-Wing.

BIS Puppy, 1. Borzoi Undimoon Delilah, 2. Whippet Bellzelius Luna de la Reina, 3. Italian Greyhound Arkita's Xenia, 4. Pharaoh Hound Farao Anubis Alabaster Ibis.

BIS Junior, 1. Scottish Deerhound Lawtons Ferrari Freixnet, 2. Afghan Hound Eskashem Eyelish Cajungh, 3. Borzoi Borscana Gryning, 4. Whippet Mac Bells Need No Introduction.

BIS Young Adult, 1. Pharaoh Hound Vaskurs Ina Scot Qiwidotter, 2. Irish Wolfhound Pennybright Casca, 3. Whippet Just Nosy Sweet Pea, 4. Borzoi Meeukka Gardevoir.

BIS Working, 1. Saluki Int. Ch. Sharwasssim Chawki, 2. Scottish Deerhound Ch. Grayrory's Hyacinth, 3. Afghan Hound Int. Ch. Mandinah Kismet, 4. Whipppet Pompeca's Ocean Blue Pearl.

BIS Veteran, 1. Afghan Hound Int. Ch. Simbad Ebn Rashida von Haussman, 2. Pharaoh Hound Int. Ch. Vaskurs Idefix Qiwison, 3. Whippet Ch. Twyborn Glory Hallelujah, 4. Saluki Ch. Michaelkors.

Best Breeder's Group, 1. Pharaoh Hounds, Kennel Vaskurs, breeder Jenny Hall; 2. Whippet, Kennel Mac Bells, breeders A. Andersson & H. Mörling; 3. Greyhounds, Kennel Epic, breeders A.L. Almgren & J. Rosengren; 4. Afghan Hounds, Kennel Khaos, breeder Saori Wohlin.

Best Progeny Group, 1. Whippet Int. Ch. Twyborn Big Ben, 2. Pharaoh Hound Int. Ch. Northgate's Kalahari Queen.


Breed (number of dogs), judge & winner:

Afghan Hounds (84), judge Magnus Hagstedt, Sweden: BOB Ch. Xenos Sandor. BOS Ch Papatazin Bonne Blue Butler.

Azawakh (2), Michael Canalizo, USA: BOB Int. Ch. Mouss-Diouf de la Route Jacque Coe. BOS Azamour Shani Masseau.

Borzoi (64), Michael Canalizo, USA: BOB & Best in Show Ch. Jelistaz Yummie. BOS Ch. Ribot Majove Bohemia.

Galgo Español (23), Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland: BOB Magh Itha's Bonifacio. BOS Int. Ch. Hot Isle Fermina.

Greyhound (20), Elisabet Janzon, Sweden: BOB Int Ch. Sobers Amberlee Karkati. BOS Ch. Sobers Aventinus Karkati.

Irish Wolfhound (8), Elisabet Janzon, Sweden: BOB Pennybright Casca. BOS Pennybright Terpsichore.

Italian Greyhounds (30), Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland: BOB Arkita's Wizzavi. BOS Piccolitas Dario F.

Magyar Agar (2), Outi Piisi-Putta, Finland: BOB Chininas Actually Very Attractive.

Saluki (116), Eric Steele, USA (dogs & BOB) & Erin Brown, Australia (bitches): BOB Int. Ch. Sharwassim Chawki. BOS Int. Ch. Aziz Qitarah.

Scottish Deerhound (25), Elisabet Janzon: BOB Ch. Necesse's Bene Dictum. Ch. Lehigh Impresario for Champhurst.

Sloughi (2), Michael Canalizo, USA: BOB Int. Ch. Quetshadee Scatha. BOS Ch. Quetshadee Rhaegal.

Whippet (198), Helen Wayman, UK (dogs), Ann Beckett-Bradshaw, UK (bitches & BOB), Marie Gadolin, Sweden (Junior & Working classes bitches): BOB Just Nosy Sweet Pea. BOS Ch. Whiptails Perfect Match.


Details of several breed specialty shows held in the same location on Saturday, July 27, are not available. There were club shows for Afghan Hounds (judge Michael Canalizo, USA), Cirneco dell'Etna and Pharaoh Hounds (judge Marie Westman, Sweden), Borzoi (judge Maja Cosic, Croatia), Scottish Deerhounds (judge Marie Gadolin, Sweden), Greyhounds (judge Jeanette Lemmeke, Sweden), Salukis (judges Erin Brown, Australia, & Eric Steele, USA) and Whippets (July 26 & 27, judge Joanne Boudreault, Canada). For Whippet specialty results, see Whippet Review magazine.

GERMANY, Donaueschingen

August 3-4, 2019, German Sighthound Club/Deutscher Windhundzucht- und Rennverband, Donaueschingen. Total 869 Sighthounds entered on the first day, 769 on the second.

Best in Show first day and Supreme BIS at Donaueschingen, Greyhound Ch. Sobers Xtravaganza. From left, British Whippet judge Roger Stock, Mr. Valdez with the BIS ribbon and the BIS winner's "family" — in the back Pierluigi Primavera with one hand on friend (and owner of BOS Greyhound) Paolo Salmistraro's shoulder, the other on his son Livio's; between them daughter Emma, and (handling Xtravaganza) wife/mother Bitte Ahrens Primavera. Far right, U.S. judge Scott Pfeil. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.


The BIS winner and her owner after the win. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.


Sunday's BIS winner, Afghan Hound Ch. Xenos Sandor. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.


Sandor in motion. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.


BOB Whippet and Best Junior in Show (Sunday), Whippet Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.


Best Youngster in Show, Whippet Sobrasalto La Donna E'Mobile. Photo Grzegorz Gebik.



Best in Show & Supreme BIS - Greyhound Ch. Sobers Xtravaganza (Ch. Salgrey's Bartolomeo x Ch. Sobers Portia GrandCru). Breeder & owner Bitte Ahrens-Primavera, Italy.

Best Veteran in Show - Pharaoh Hound Reedly Ch. Road Illuminated (Ch. Reedly Road Desperado x Ch. Siphra's Charisma to Reedly Road). Owner & breeder Maria Evteeva., Russia.

Best Junior in Show - Afghan Hound Xenos Tells A Story (Ch. Elevate UR Game Cynergy of Meadow Valley x Ch. Xenos Cruz). Breeder & owner Roberto Bongiovanni, Italy

Best Youngster in Show - Whippet Sobresalto La Donna E'Mobile (Wolf Tone Atlas x Ch. Sobresalto Ndringhetendra). Breeders Annalisa Rovani & Arnaldo Cotugno, Italy. Owner Annalisa Rovani, Italy.

Best Baby in Show - Whippet Contemp Tamika (Siprex Pascal x Librium's Remarkable Jazz). Breeder Maria Sheina, Russia. Owner Bis Agata, Poland.


Breed (number of dogs), judge & winner:

Afghan Hounds (109): Gael Morrison, South Africa: BOB Ch. Xenos Sandor.

Azawakh (10), Karin Juto Hedberg, Sweden: BOB Ch. Aulad al Sahra's F'Ekelli.

Borzoi (91), Evelyn Kirsch, Germany: BOB Estet Classic Tatarin.

Chart Polski (7), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: BOB Verbena Arcturus.

Cirneco dell'Etna (6), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Attilio Miracolo Cani Di Luca.

Galgo Espagnol (17), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Rabilargos Eloy.

Greyhound (52), Karin Juto Hedberg, Sweden: BOB & BIS Ch. Sobers Xtravaganza.

Ibizan Hound, Smooth (12), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Luckyhas Baila Bubia Para Terra Baltika.

Ibizan Hound, Wire (1), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Taras Ugnies Diadema.

Irish Wolfhound (50), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Pitlochry's Irish Fairytale.

Italian Greyhound (79) Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: BOB Ch. Py's Erotica.

Magyar Agar (7), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Kuruclesi Zuri.

Pharaoh Hound (9), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Ch. Reedly Road Illuminated.

Podenco Canario (7), BOB Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: Devi.

Podengo Portugues Pequeno (1), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Irezumi Uma Unica Sereia.

Saluki (138), D. Scott Pfeil, USA: BOB Ch. Majo's Beemin.

Scottish Deerhounds (28), John Titus Steele, USA. BOB Pitlochry's Quality.

Silken Windsprite (8), Karin Juto Hedberg, Sweden: BOB Ch. Pegasus.

Sloughi (22), John Titus Steele, USA: BOB Ch. Jamal Baqiir Sabiih al Sahra.

Whippet (212), Roger Stock, UK (dogs) & Dr. A. Todd Miller, USA (bitches): BOB Ch. Cherubim's Royal It's A Chrismas Dream.



Best in Show - Afghan Hound Ch. Xenos Sandor (Agha Djari's Karkati's Comeback x Ch. Xenos Cruz). Breeder & owner Roberto Bongiovanni, Italy.

Best Veteran in Show - Pharaoh Hound Reedly Road Illuminated (see above).

Best  Junior in Show - Whippet Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Ch. Skräddaregårdens Qantarel Usain B x Ch. Satellite of Love). Breeder Giovanni Ligouri, Italy. Owner Enrico Galli, Italy.

Best Youngster in Show - Whippet Sobresalto La Donna E'Mobile (see above).

Best Baby in Show - Whippet Contemp Tamika (Siprex Pascal x Librium's Remarkable Jazz). Breeder Maria Sheina, Russia. Owner Bis Agata, Poland.


Breed (number of dogs), judge & winner:

Afghan Hound (97), D. Scott Pfeil, USA: BOB & BIS Ch. Xenos Sandor.

Azawakh (7), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: BOB Ch. Tombouktou's Luban Mayya.

Borzoi (83), Jon Titus Steele, USA: Scheztaya Mythomania.

Chart Polski (6), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: Verbena Arcturus.

Cirneco dell'Etna (6), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Mia Santo's King, CAC & BOB.

Galgo Español (17), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: San Augustin del Guadalix Evita, CAC & BOB.

Greyhound (44), Evelyn Kirsch, Germany: Ch. Sobers Xtravaganza, BOB.

Ibizan Hound, Smooth (7), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Al-Capone de Cueva d'es Culleram, CAC & BOB.

Ibizan Hound, Wire (5), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Taras Ugnies Diadema, CAC & BOB.

Irish Wolfhound (48), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Olimpo della Bassa Pavese, CAC & BOB.

Italian Greyhound (73), Karin Juto Hedberg, Sweden: Ch. Py's Erotica, BOB.

Magyar Agar (6), Karin Juto Hedberg, Sweden: Kuruclesi Zuru, CAC & BOB.

Pharaoh Hound (9), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Ch. Reedly Road Illuminated, Best Veteran & BOB.

Podenco Canaro (4), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Ch. Tara, BOB.

Podengo Portuges Pequeno (1), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Irezumi Uma Unica Sereia, CAC & BOB.

Saluki (123), Gael Morrison, South Africa: Ch. Gloria Al Zahra, CAC & BOB.

Scottish Deerhhound (25), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: Pitlochry's Quality, CAC & BOB.

Silken Windsprite (2), Gabriel Valdez, Brazil: Küssekraut vom schwarzen Schwan, Best Junior & BOB.

Sloughi (21), Dr. Francis McEvoy, Australia: Abd Al Jabbar Lekkerbhit, CAC & BOB.

Whippet (193). Dr. A. Todd Miller, USA (males & BOB), Roger Stock, UK (females). Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Best Junior & BOB.



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