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Sighthound Review is published quarterly, and one subscription comprises four issues. The magazine is lushly produced, with vivid color printing that merits a place on your coffee table! 

Sighthound Review accepts editorial articles on and advertising for all the breeds usually accepted as Sighthounds: Afghan Hounds, Borzois, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets, as well as the “Toy Sighthound,” the Italian Greyhound, and a few still-rare breeds such as the Azawakh, the Cirneco dell’Etna and the Sloughi

We are also happy to include Basenjis, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Portuguese Podengos in Sighthound Review, as well as a number of breeds that are rarely seen in the U.S.: Spanish Galgos, Chart Polskis, Magyar Agars and several others. 

Sighthound Review is mailed to several hundred AKC judges and many international judges on a complimentary basis. All AKC judges who are regularly approved for three or more Sighthound breeds are eligible to receive the magazine. 

Please email us and provide mailing address. Provisional judges may be eligible for discount subscriptions.

Sighthound Review - P.O. Box 10, Ojai, CA 93024, USA