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Theresa M. Lyons
Graphic Design by request

Theresa M. Lyons is a professional graphic artist and talented dog photographer. She founded the award-winning Ridgeback Registermagazine in 1995 and made it synonymous with eye-catching design, stunning photography and quality journalism. She published her final issue in 2018. She designs most of the advertisements in Sighthound Review.


Theresa has been involved in the sport of dogs since 1990 and has bred, owned, co-owned, shown and championed multiple Ridgebacks, as well as co-owned multiple Top Ten, Westminster and Best in National Specialty Show winners. Currently she is co-breeding, owning and showing Ridgebacks. She also competes in conformation, coursing, dock diving, agility, rally and nosework.


Over the years, she has attended many Hound, Sporting and Working dog seminars and National Specialties. She has judged multiple Sweepstakes in the U.S., including regional specialties.


A proud 3rdgeneration U.S. Marine, Theresa is a member of many organizations, including the Western Hound Association of Southern California, Princeton Dog Training Club, Plainfield Kennel Club, the American Pointer Club, and is a member and current Board Director for the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States.


Theresa lives in Bridgewater, N.J., with her husband, three children, a Ridgeback, a Pointer and a French Bulldog.